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Books at my aStore

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I created my aStore and added some books there. You can go there by clicking the “aStore” link at my home page. Those are the books I have read over last few years, and I will recommend to others who have interest in business, management and finance. A little comments on those books (listed in the order of easiness of reading, from easier to more difficult):

One up on wall street(*): Peter Lynch was a legendary fund manager, and his book was both full of humor and wisdom, it’s both fun and easy to read. The book got Chinese version but I don’t know the transaltion quality. As matter of fact, I felt many things just can not be translated. So I strongly recommend reading his English version.

Finding the next Starbucks: Michael Moe is the founder of Think Equity, and he was the analyst who found Starbucks in its hyper growth days (1990s). Michael is good trend reader. But we should learn his thinking instead of just taking his results, e.g., he said Crocs is a fad.

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