Master Series

See’s Candies, Balance Transfer and Turbo Tax

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A Chinese version of the story can be read here (thanks to Shanzi for translation). You can read story (in English) from Buffett’s 2007 annual shareholder letter.

See's Candies

Why do I emphasize this story? Too many times I fall into some growth stories (hint: next Microsoft or Google), value traps (hint: Heelys and maybe Crocs), etc. This story serves as a reminder to myself: business is about making money. Less capital, more earings (not paper earning but the free cash flow), means great business. I think this story also implies not to take unnecessary risks or leverage: the recent down fall of financial firms exactly confirmed that.

Balance transfer
Also, I found this balance transfer (0% for 12 months, no fees) to be attactive.

The Turbo Tax online versions
I have used it since year 2001 (tax filing for year 2000), and I liked the product. One feature I like is TurboTax kept all the filings for previous years. A minor thing: I am going to save some money without using the State filing from Turbo Tax, because the calculation of State tax is fairly straightforward in my case (once the federal is done).