What if we are in a bear market: II

Reading Time: 2 minutes Did you watch TV yesterday? Did you notice anything different on CNBC, CNN (Larry King, Glenbeck)? CNBC combined the Larry Kudlow with Fast Money, invited lots of experts, from econmist to fund managers, all trying to give us an overview of what happened in the stock market? Glennbeck got John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard… Continue reading What if we are in a bear market: II

What if we are in a bear market: I

Reading Time: < 1 minute Read this from trader818. While I don’t agree everything here, I think the principle applies. I also want to add one thing: if average down too many times (and never make money), something (the market or the stock) must be wrong. I learned the hard lesson from Longbottom (LFT). 最近有不少朋友问我大势这么差,是不是该逃跑,或者买点put hedge上。 我的观点是,从长期投资角度讲,现在已经出现很多值得关注的股票,该做的不是逃跑 , 而是参与。 熊市里面很难赚钱,特别要防范风险,选股票时候需要注意几个问题