Portfolio management: trade to lower cost

Reading Time: 2 minutes Buy and hold, long term investing? I hold CROX from $75 to $20, hoping for a rebounce. It never came. Sometimes we got to trade stocks to take advantage of price volatility (up and downs). I was successful on this aspect from time to time, especially since the stock rally started this March. I made… Continue reading Portfolio management: trade to lower cost

Buffett lost his touch?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Berkshire Hathaway, a.k.a, Warren Buffett’s diversified holding company, reported a not-so-good quarter Friday after market close. Here are the results. (full size pic here) On the surface the result is not good. But I think the loss from derivatives is on the paper and will be temporary. What do we learn from Buffett Discipline, discipline,… Continue reading Buffett lost his touch?