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Credit card series I: Amazon Visa Card

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link here. This is the new card I got this year. I got the $40 first statement credit, and am very pleased to get the extra points for my Amazon purchase (quite a bit after our new baby born).

With your Rewards Credit Card, you will earn points for every dollar you spend on the card.

Earn 3 points on eligible purchases
Earn 2 points on eligible gas, dining, and drugstore purchases
Earn 1 point on purchases everywhere else

This is probably the most straightforward reward card.

Sample rewards
2,500 points can get you $25.00 Amazon gift card;
5,000 points can get you $50 check;
90,000 points can get you an air ticket to any where in the world (disclaimer: worth about $1,600).

One point is roughly 1 cent ($0.01).

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I like Discover Card

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Yesterday after I bought air ticket, and refurbished iPod nano, I received an unexpected call from Discover card. It’s from “fraud prevention” department. Very good. This is a kind of customer service phone call that I like to hear. Because credit card threft (and identity threft) is not uncommon these days.

I like discover card also because of  its various bonus (5%) cash rebate program. It’s a bit complicated, but essentially they gave out 5% cash back for different things every three months. For instance, when I bought my last air ticket in the Jan., I got 5% cash back (about $50 for a $1090 ticket).