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Reading Time: 2 minutes Bank of America is back in the news because they asked and got $20 billon from US govement, to back the loss from Merrill Lynch acquisition. (Source: Yahoo Tech-ticker) Personally I like Bank of America, ever since I became their customer serveral years ago. Two benefits of being BoA checking acct cosumer: 1) Their branch

January 16, 2009

Reading Time: 3 minutes Coule day a ago I came across this BoA (NYSE:BAC) bought CCB (China Construction Bank, Hongkong 0939) shares at dirt cheap price story from my Chinese friend StrengthTrader (English news here). After that I read this one original written by 21cbh, titled The Mystery of 70% Off of CCB Shares, here is a faster link

May 30, 2008

Reading Time: < 1 minute Financial Times did a Top 10 Chinese global brands survey recently. And here are the winners. Did you notice anything interesting? I noticed BoC, Air China, China Mobile, China Telecom, Sinopec, CCB are state owned (majority owned); while Lenovo, Tsingtao beer, Haier and Baidu are public companies. I am a little puzzeled why ICBC and

March 23, 2008

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update Oct 14) I saw this “UBS analyst conference call” from trader168, it talked about “UBS analyst followed the momentum, not the fundamental analysis”. Some food for thought amid all the craziness in the China A share market, and its ripple effect on Hongkong and US markets. (Original) The performance of recent Haigui stocks are

October 12, 2007
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