Ivan Seidenberg with Charlie Rose

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ivan is the Chairman and CEO of Verizon. Verizon (with VodaFone) owns Verizon Wireless (VZ), the No. 2 wireless carrier in the US. VZ operates the nation’s most reliable network. Ian shared his thoughts on communication, wireless industry evolution, and healthcare (a topic in heated debate in the US capital these days). The link to… Continue reading Ivan Seidenberg with Charlie Rose

Response on Geithner Plan

Reading Time: < 1 minute Toxic asset plan, or Public Private Investment Partnership (PPIP). Charile Rose Hedge fund manager’s perspective: Daniel Alpert is a managing director of Westwood Captial and Thomas F Steyer is Co-Managing Partner of Farallon Capital Management (total about 22 mins)

A conversation about AIG

Reading Time: < 1 minute From Charlie Rose, March 17. A conversation about AIG with Hank Greenberg former chairman and CEO of AIG, Carol Loomis Senior editor-at-large of “Fortune”, Gretchen Morgenson of “The New York Times” and Meredith Whitney.