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We Got the Message: Stamp Tax Increase

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The policy makers in China found the silver bullet finanlly, the Shanghai composite index dropped 280 points or 6.5% today May 30, as seen from this news from Bloomberg. This is the biggest drop in a day since Feb 27 (9% drop). The policy makers have warned the investors (or more accurately speculators) for a while, the head of central bank said some words during an international meeting (remember the vice chairman of people’s congress, Mr. Chen’s similar words late last year?); two interest rate hikes; three bank reserve rate hikes. But the new investors seemed ignoring all those warnings, as we have seen from the record account openings since March. We have 100 million accounts in China now. Let me quote some words regarding the “bubble” (I was told this was said by Buffet, but have not verified the source):

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China to Raise Stamp Tax

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That’s the stock trading 印花税 in Chinese. It was only a week ago somebody from department of finance denied the “rumor”, now they ate their own words. They raised rate from 0.1% to 0.3% for stock trade.

I don’t know how the market will react to this. Will it blush off like it did on May 21 amid the raise of interest rate? We shall see.

Seriously, I think the goverment could put those money (I mean increased stamp tax revenue) into education, and health care, that will be a wonderful thing. We all want a harmonious society, don’t we?