John Mack on CNBC

Reading Time: < 1 minute He talked about job market, compensation, and the events around crisis a year ago.

The experts at Nightly Business Report

Reading Time: < 1 minute Any good financial TV program like the MarketPlace at NPR? I saw this question at the famous bbs at mit. Personally I think Nightly Business Report at PBS is a good source. They are not perfect, sometimes they are even boring, like the “Stocks in the News” segement where Paul kangas usually just reports Pfizer… Continue reading The experts at Nightly Business Report

McDonald continues to serve

Reading Time: < 1 minute CNBC interviewed McDonald CEO Jim Skinner. My wife and I visited McDonald near my home (Creve Coeur, MO), and was very impressed by the setting of the new store (I remember about a year ago I visited it and here are some pictures). Disclosure: