People are brewing coffee at home

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reuters: JM Smucker Q4 beats Street, raises 2010 profit view. Quote: Peanut-butter and jelly maker J.M. Smucker Co’s (SJM.N) fourth-quarter profit handily beat market expectations, helped by strength in its Folgers coffee business, and the company raised its 2010 profit outlook. “Our core business continues to produce solid results and the recently added coffee business’s… Continue reading People are brewing coffee at home

Coffee, espresso, coke and investing: I

Reading Time: 2 minutes The caffeine effect Which one has the most caffeine? A tall (12 fl oz, or 355 ml) brewed coffee, a tall latte with one shot of espresso (both at Starbucks), and a can (12 fl oz) classic Coca Cola? Your instant answer maybe the latte (espresso), but the correct answer is the brewed coffee. According… Continue reading Coffee, espresso, coke and investing: I

Starbucks Continues the Slide

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reuters has an excellent article on this. I don’t need to say anything more. Yes I will buy more Starbucks if it hits 27. Separately, I started the trial offer of Netflix, the online DVD (movie) rental service. It’s very easy to use, and one important feature I notice is: they will always send a… Continue reading Starbucks Continues the Slide

Coffee at McDonald and Starbucks

Reading Time: < 1 minute Call it gourmet coffee, premium coffee, or designer coffee, whichever way you want to call it. But I have seen the “Gourmet Coffee” bulletin board put up by McDonald to make fun of Starbucks’ price. I also noticed Starbucks is adding “drive through” windows and open new locations like crazy lately. All these, according to Todd Sullivan’s value… Continue reading Coffee at McDonald and Starbucks