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One dollar is 7.50 Yuan

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Week in review 09/09 to 09/15

1) One dollar is 7.50 Yuan. This is the rate I got from China Construction Bank ATM today, using my BoA debit card.

2) The China People’s Bank raised interest rate (by 0.27%) again in the weekend.

3) Moon cake coupon: there are many “moon cake coupon” flippers these days, as mid-autumn festival is approaching. Basically they buy the moon cake coupon from people who got it from Danwei, and resell it to make a profit. The catch is most moon cake coupons will expire on Sept. 25, just like the stock options expires on the 3rd Friday of each month in the US market 🙂

4) Lots of books about stocks, investing in the book store: from Warren Buffett to Peter Lynch, and many “experts” I never heard of.

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