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Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

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Blogging is declining. My friend Wang Jianshuo reminds me about this trend. Obviously Jianshuo has much more authority on this because he started blogging on Sept 11 2002 and has a large followers at his blog.

On the other hand, I have joined Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter this year (not necessarily in this order). And it seems to me all three websites are going strong. The main reason? I think it’s the networking effect. Facebook has been hot for a while, esp. among college students. LinkedIn got popular this year particularly since the recession made job search more difficult, and networking is much more important to land an interview or a job (compared to easy times). Twitter is more interesting, I noticed it changed slogan from “what’re you doing” to “what’s happening”. This precisely reflects the change of emphasis of Twitter, and the power of twitter, from Iran post-election to StockTwits (and many sites based on twitter, see 20 Twitter Apps you need to know).

Interestingly, I noticed one co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, is also the author of blogger. Maybe Evan already knows about this trend when he co-founded Twitter, which started a a mini-blog platform?

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The effect of new media

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Yesterday was a special day in modern China’s history. This is a time the leaders don’t want to talk about, and generation Y (young people born after 1980s) don’t know much about. I was a high school senior at the time, and we worried we would get into a sort of cultural revolution considering chaotic situation at that time. All right, I don’t want to get into the politics and the details of the event. All I want to say is I have lots of sympathy to the people lost loved ones in the event, and I was pleased to see the positive development in our country in last 20 years.

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