Shanghai Composite 52 week low

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shanghai composite index closed new 52 week low today, at 3094.67 (down 12% compared to a year ago). (full size pic here, powered by Google Finance) But I don’t think too much of it, other than the valuation of China A share market is more attractive now. The composite index itself is screwed up because… Continue reading Shanghai Composite 52 week low

China corporate tax rate reform: winner and loser

Reading Time: < 1 minute The following screen shot is from Capital Week Jan 5, 2008 We know from Jan 1 2008 China will have a unified corp tax rate of 25% (some tax rebate for certain industry and foreign enterprises will still apply for a while). It appears retailer, bank, home builder, and telecom (include mobile phone) will be… Continue reading China corporate tax rate reform: winner and loser

Got Yuan?

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s the Chinese Yuan (CNY), or Ren Ming Bi (people’s money). In early march, when I was in Shanghai, one USD is worth 7.72 Yuan, now it’s about 7.56 Yuan, a loss of about 2% in about 4 months. It appears this trend is not going to stop for a while. This is scary if… Continue reading Got Yuan?