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Reading Time: 2 minutes I talked about American Healthcare System I 美国医疗系统之一 and American Healthcare System II 美国医疗系统之二。Recently due to my older daughter’s ankle injury, I learned a bit more about the medical bills. We had two visits at Shriner’s hospital near the BJC at central west end: the initial encounter (encounter as in medical billing) and the followup

April 7, 2024

Reading Time: 6 minutes Background This is a continuation of my earlier post here, also just noticed I wrote about the US healthcare systems back in 2009: My Thoughts On US Healthcare Reform, My Thoughts On US Healthcare Reform: II, My Analogies On Healthcare Reform Protest, and Healthcare Reform: Some Good Things About US Hospitals. Below was written over

July 2, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes American healthcare systems are probably the most convoluted healthcare system in the world. The US probably has the world most advanced medical device and pharmaceuticals industry, many brilliant doctors and great hospitals, e.g., the BJC hospital in the St. Louis area, which is one of the top research hospital in the USA. At the same

November 19, 2022
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