American Healthcare Systems I:美国的医疗系统系列之一

Reading Time: 3 minutes American healthcare systems are probably the most convoluted healthcare system in the world. The US probably has the world most advanced medical device and pharmaceuticals industry, many brilliant doctors and great hospitals, e.g., the BJC hospital in the St. Louis area, which is one of the top research hospital in the USA. At the same… Continue reading American Healthcare Systems I:美国的医疗系统系列之一

My analogies on healthcare reform protest

Reading Time: 2 minutes My wife asked me why there are so many outraged people on those congressmen/senators townhalls (she reads that from WSJ). I used an analogy. Imagine the metro (or buses) during rush hours in Shanghai (I used to take a bus almost every Monday morning in early 1990s, from my brother’s place to my working place,… Continue reading My analogies on healthcare reform protest

My thoughts on US healthcare reform

Reading Time: < 1 minute This topic is heating up in recent days. I think there are a lot of mis-understandings and mis-conception on this. One is a lot people think medicare is inefficient, I have not used medicare but it seems quite efficient in reality. (Source: economist) The bottom line is healthcare boils down to two issue:

Bush is more influential than Bernanke?

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update noon Jan 18) Opps, the Bush rally only last couple hours 🙁 Seriously, I do welcome this $1,600 per family tax rebate. Maybe a trip to Europe this Spring? Oh well, that won’t help the US economy directly. (Original) I mean, to the stock market. Yesterday, after Ben spoke in Congress and painted a… Continue reading Bush is more influential than Bernanke?