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Consumer Series III: non-alcoholic drinks

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I am aware Chinese are drinking more milks, juice and soda these days. Some notable names include: MengNiu (2319.HK), Yi Li (600887.SS), both are diary makers, MengNiu is NBA sponsor, Yi Li is Beijing 2008 Olympics sponsor, and Huiyuan Juice (1886.HK).


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Second Look at Huiyuan Juice IPO

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I noticed this juice thing is getting popular in China, just like the coffee did in recent years. In summer 2004, when I attended a bunch of formal dinners in Ningbo, juice is an option, as is the wine. Juice is also offered in the airplane. One thing I noticed that the orange juice in China is mostly “from concentrated”, probablly due to cost and taste reasons. So the demand and the growth is there. The problem with the company, from I read from FinanceAsia:

“Among the potential concerns, observers say, is the cost of buying juice concentrates and fruit puree, which increased by more than 50% in the first nine months last year. The company buys about 56% of this raw material from abroad, making it vulnerable to swings in international prices, particularly for oranges.”

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Huiyuan Juice IPO in HKSE

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From The Standard:

China Huiyuan Juice Group, the mainland’s largest fruit juice maker, is forecast to post 222 million yuan (HK$223.08 million) in net profit in 2006, up 106 percent over a year ago. The company recorded 108 million yuan in net profit in 2005, up 486 percent from the previous year.

Huiyuan is seeking to raise US$250 million (HK$1.95 billion) through an initial public offering next month as it seeks capital for expansion.

Its peers, milk producer China Mengniu Dairy (2319) and Tingyi Holdings (0322), are trading at 33.8 times and 36.7 times 2007 earnings respectively.”

Comments: like everything else in China, the growth is astonishing. Don’t expect to make quick money on this one though. The expectation will be reflected on the price when it debuts…

huiyuan juice

The ticker symbol is 1886.HK.