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Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update 04-30-2020) The below CBS 60 minutes link are no longer valid. But I found a CNBC video from Harry on GE (another ponzi scheme, I agree). (Original 03-12-2009, note the market low on 03-05-2009) Harry Markopolos blew the whistle on Madoff long time ago. But sadly SEC did not listen. Here is the CBS

March 12, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cramer Stewart saga goes on. Madoff will go to jail, for life. He deserves it. Just thinking how many people (esp. the older people) lives turned upside down because of his ponzi scheme. How many clothes-less emperors still out there? Lesson for ordinary investors Refer to John Bogle, 6 lessons for investors. Get self educated:

March 12, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update 06-13-2020) The links below no longer work. This is one nature of the internet: nothing lasts forever. Here is a new article Tang Wei Zhen. (Original) Tang Wei Zhen 唐炜臻 (company) claimed to be Chinese Buffett (as shown in the following 11’24” video, link here). But apparently he is Chinese mini-Madoff. Chinese story here

March 11, 2009

Reading Time: 2 minutes Madoff story continues to occupy the news these days (e.g., this one from NYTimes). Yesterday, Satyam, the No. 4 Indian IT outsourcer, broke the news with giant accounting scandal (BBC news, wiki: Satyam). But the story does not end here. In my mind, there are many other ponzi schemes in our lives, and sometimes people

January 8, 2009
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