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Apply US visa in Shanghai

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The saga of applying the US visa. Warning: for entertainment purpose only. I am not providing any advice for visa application.

Last Friday I went to the US consulate Shanghai for the worker visa, with my wife applying H-4. Ten years have passed since I first applied the student visa. A lot things have changed: namely Internet and call center. These technologies have been integrated into the visa application process, such as the calling card (issued by China Citic Bank) and the appointment system. Here is how it works: the applicant buys the calling card from the bank, call the 400 number (like 800 # in the US), talk to the representative and schedule the appointment. We got our appointment that way. But when we reached the West Nanjing Rd. at 12:45 PM, wait for our 1:15 PM appointment, we found a long line already being formed. Later we learned the appointment system is used for the consulate to estimate how many people will show up, in reality the applicants still show up in early morning or afternoon, waiting the line. Because most everyone (except me, and few others) is so eager to visit US 🙂

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