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Year end tax tips 2009

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NBR at PBS is running a series of year end tax tips (link here). My take is in investing, taking gain/loss should first based on the investments prospectus (how you think your investments will work in the future), the tax should be secondary consideration. It is still important because in some cases you want to make sure you have enough cash to pay the tax from tax gain. With this in mind, here is the first video of the series. This one is about capital gain.

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The experts at Nightly Business Report

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Any good financial TV program like the MarketPlace at NPR?

I saw this question at the famous bbs at mit. Personally I think Nightly Business Report at PBS is a good source. They are not perfect, sometimes they are even boring, like the “Stocks in the News” segement where Paul kangas usually just reports Pfizer goes up 10 cents, Microsoft goes down 5 cents…But consider the other financial TV media we got, is CNBC better? To me they merely made more noise 🙂

I think determining whether a TV program is good or not, a lot depends on one’s expectation. Personally I don’t expect I get information there, and (apply that information) making money right away from the market.

I think the “fortune tellers” at CNBC (Fast Money, Mad Money, plus many guests) try to give that information, but in reality I think more people lose money from their suggestions than making money.

Couple month ago Jon Stewart (the host of Daily Show at Comedy Central) vs. Jim Cramer (the host of Mad Money at CNBC) explains the problem with CNBC.

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Buffett on NBR (PBS)

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Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A; BRK.B) has not done well lately. Nonetheless, Nightly Business Report (PBS) interviewed Buffett. The topic ranges from new administration, recession and investing. The interview is about 30 minutes long.

Interestingly Susie Gharib tried to ask particular investment advice, Buffett declined politely.