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Two policies to stablize China market

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(Update Apr 24) The trading tax bullet worked, at least for a day. The Shanghai composite index went up 305 points, or 9.29%. Similar performance from Shenzhen. All but two stocks in the two markets went up, many went up 10% (the limit). See the below picture for more details.

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(Original) The Chinese goverment (regulatories) has listened, and now they are pulling the trigger. Here are the two new policies:

On April 20 Sunday evening, they unveil the new lockup share transaction rules. Basically they are saying any large block of shares (larger than 1% of overall shares) has to go through a special trading platform, to avoid the large supply of unlocked shares. Reasonable move. But I heard people already abused the system. Guess what? They sell 0.99% instead of 1% (Chinese news from Sina). This is one thing I don’t like some of my countrymen: they cut corners and bend the rules. One reason Chinese have not made good quality cars like the Japanese do?

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