A legend is a legend

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update) Many people (such as DBANotes) think IBM is the ultimate loser in the Sun/Oracle deal. I think the deal is not necessarily bad news for IBM. Here is my rationale. IBM did not win because: 1) Anti-trust concern. Sun and IBM together will have a very high share of both UNIX server and storage… Continue reading A legend is a legend

SAP buys Business Objects

Reading Time: < 1 minute Week in review 10/07 to 10/13 China Mingsheng Bank buys a stake in a US bank. China pork price is under control for now, how about housing? And stocks? Oracle placed a hostile $6.7 billion bid for BEA Systems, according to Bloomberg. Enterprise software arena will have one fewer importnant player. SAP buys Business Objects… Continue reading SAP buys Business Objects

Its the capitalism

Reading Time: 2 minutes Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, surprised the IT/software world again yesterday with the Unbreakable Linux annoucement of “support of Red Hat Linux support and charge less than Red Hat does”. That news crushed the Red Hat stock today, it went down 24%. There are many good technical blogs explains and discusses Oracle’s move. Here… Continue reading Its the capitalism