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Reading Time: < 1 minute This is what I got from Ameren UE web site. Note the number 1299 only reflects the outage of my neighborhood. From what I heard from radio Ameren tries to restore majority of customers by this evening.   Current Outage Outage start date/time:        Saturday Jan 13, 2007 7:01 AM Outage status:                    Order assigned to servicemen or crew Cause

January 16, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute Because of the weather. Just when I felt I was lucky last night (this morning) my condo did not lose power this time, oops, the storm hit us. So next time I should not feel too good about it. Some of the Panera Bread stores also lost power, e.g., the one at Old Olive (where

January 14, 2007