Reading Time: 2 minutes No. I’m not kidding. Big money (billions of dollars) usually is a good thing, but not easy if one wants to beat market return in a certain time. You can ask Charlie Munger (Berkshire’s vice chairman) and he will tell you Berkshire is going to make a (market+2%) annual return from now on, according to

October 16, 2007

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Crocs (CROX) stock is on a roll lately, as it’s closing 3rd quarter and holding two investor conference (link to webcast) in NYC and London. I added some more CROX last week when the escalator accidents is on the news. Another reason is I sold WX. I think both CROX and WX are good

September 25, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update) Here is a Chinese article explains more details. The minimum balance is RMB 300,000 to open an account inside China. Other restrictions apply. (Original) I was wondering why the Chinese ADRs all rose today. Although I heard the China central bank is allowing domestic bank buy oversea stocks through QDII. This MarketWatch article connected the

May 11, 2007