Check into Strategic Hotels and Resorts

Reading Time: 3 minutes (Update 21Oct09) Baird analyst downgraded BEE. The stock dropped quite a bit. Also, I found the web site of Vector Group Ltd here. Vector Group bought a 7.1% stake in BEE on July 8 (SEC filing here). Note the owners of BEE includes Bill Gates (via. his Cascade Investment). A Hotel REIT list. (Original) Ticker… Continue reading Check into Strategic Hotels and Resorts

Brookfield Properties

Reading Time: 3 minutes (Google finance NYSE:BPO) company web site Wikipedia: link Brookfield Properties Corporation (TSX: BPO, NYSE: BPO) is a Toronto-based North American commercial real estate company. Brookfield Asset Management owns 50% of its outstanding common shares. Brookfield owns, manages and develops premier office properties in the downtown core of New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, Denver, Minneapolis,… Continue reading Brookfield Properties