Shanghai Composite Index reached 6000

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today is Oct 15, 2007. Shanghai Composites Index continued to defy the gravity, amid the central bank (People’s Bank of China) raised bank reserve rate by 0.5 again in the weekend. The composite index closed above 6000 (Sina) for the first time. Interestingly, history shows the CPC congress is bad for the stock market. Here… Continue reading Shanghai Composite Index reached 6000

500 Points Less Harmonious

Reading Time: 2 minutes All right, ever since the Chinese regulators found the silver bullet and pulled the trigger, the Shanghai composite index lost more than 500 points and a lot of people lost money or gave back the gains they already made, some of them are “crying foul” for the goverment action. Well, in stock market, just like in NBA, complaining to… Continue reading 500 Points Less Harmonious

Shanghai Composite Index

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hit new high today, it closed above 3500 today (3531 to be exact). I heard from the news on April 9, there were 180,000 new stock trading accounts being opened. As you may know the new accounts and trading volume of 1st quarter already exceeded last year’s No. Feel the power of Chinese stock investors… Continue reading Shanghai Composite Index