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K-touch: from Shanzhaiji to darling

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K-touch (Tianyu 天宇or天语, benephon), a Chinese Shanzhaiji maker a few years ago, reached the top spot in domestic brands (in terms of sales). It sold 17 million handsets last year, beating all the big boys (Ningbo Bird, Xiameng Amoi, Lenovo Handset), and plans to sell 30 millions this year. Recently it also raised 530 m RMB from US private equity firm Warburg Pincus (Chinese news here). The following is a picture of upcoming Tianyu K-touch in series C800 8M camera phone. The MSRP will be CNY 2800 (about $400). A comparable phone from Nokia will cost twice, according to Tianyu. You can read see more C800 pictures at softpedia.

Tianyu K-touch in series C800 8M camera phone pic

In Chinese 天语 means voice from heaven. Romantic name, isn’t it?

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Speculating on Spreadtrum Communications SPRD

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Let me put up the negatives (risk, downside) first. If it still stands after all the beatings, it may work out eventually. We all know semi-conductor is a tough business, and as you may know making cell phone is a cutting throat competitive business in China.

SpreadTrum chip pic

SpreadTrum (Nasdaq:SPRD) supplies chips to domestic cell phone makers (Amoi, Lenovo, etc.). Recently the cheaper Shanzhaiji caused much trouble to the domestic brand makers, because Shanzhaiji are much cheaper with ok quality. You can read more about this Shanzhaiji thing from my bookmarks (articles in Chinese). I learned about Shanzhaiji from pacificepoch article by LiJing (yes, it’s in English).

Other percepted negatives include: SPRD bet on inferior domestic brewed 3G standard TD; co-founders leaving on Feb; consumer slowdown. But I view those more as glass half full, rather than glass half empty. Let me explain.

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Weekend thoughts w/e 053108

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Gas and Panera: more saving tips
Yeah, the $4 a gallon gas is finally coming, it’s $3.899 in recent 3 days here in STL. I tried to stretch the gas I put last time at $3.699 as much as I could, but it seems like I will need to put gas either tomorrow or Monday. Meanwhile, I tried to walk to and from Panera this morning and afternoon, maybe I saved a dollar or two on this 🙂

Seriously, I think my last car tune up worked in terms of improving gas mileage.

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