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Shopping for Shoes II

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I bought my second pair of shoes on the web. You may wonder how can I buy the shoes without trying out in the store. Yes I did. I found out the price is much cheaper in the online store, $85 vs. $130. I felt pretty bad for the store clerk who showed me the product. But again I am not a rich guy now. As you may know, the world second richest man Warren Buffett also uses coupon at the “Diary Queen” store. By the way, he owns the Diary Queen Inc. So essentially he is putting money from the left pocket to the right  🙂  

This is my first shoes purchase from web. Online shopping (and banking) is nothing new to me. Amazon started it with books and CDs about 10 years ago. The interesting part is, with the development of e-commerce, we can now combine both the web and brick mortar stores to buy almost anything online: from appearel, cosmetics, electronics, shoes and even cars. This does not mean the real store will phase out. I think they need to provide more value (better service, better price, more choices) if they want to compete with the online stores. In other words, they have to earn it. Otherwise, people will just go online and buy everything from Amazon. Also, the stores both have online and offline presence such as WalMart, Best Buy and Target will have some advantages providing customer services (compare to pure online stores).  

For those curious minds, I got this Johnston Murphy Shuler Bicycle Toe from Zappos

johnston murphy shuler bike 

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Shopping for Shoes I

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Did quite a bit shopping lately. This all started one Monday evening I felt bored and went to shopping mall. I stepped into a “Sleep Solutions” store and the associate showed me the “personal computerized sleep profile analysis”. This reminded me of similar computerized thing in a shoe store. Basically it helps the consumer choose the right product and at the same time, it has some promotion effect (see, this thing is computerized so it must be advanced). Anyway, the old lady bragged about the mattress they got (the most expensive one is $2300!), and she told me she won’t be stingy on two things: the bed and the shoes. Because we as human beings usually spend much time on those two things. And the quality of beds and shoes can have big effect on our health. I think what she said is right. Since I don’t want to shell out that much money for the new bed, I decided to get a pair of new shoes right away.

There is a “New Balance” store near my home and I visited there and got some education about the sports shoes. Basically there are 3 main categories, walking shoes, running shoes and in-court shoes. The store has all kinds of things but it does not have my size. Also it’s full priced. My friend mentioned the Sport Authority to me so I visited them. And I found the Avia 2050 Running shoes which I bought. Here is a picture: 

Another good thing is on sale.

One of my coworkers ran a full distance Marathon in the weekend. While I don’t expect run as much as him, I am going to run a little more now that I got a new pair of running shoes.