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Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update 04-18-2024) Reuters – Exclusive: Bentley Systems explores options amid takeover interest, sources say (Update 02-27-2024) The Q4 2023 results is out. The IR webpage has the conference call. Learned a new buzz word “digital twin” last few days, 1st from the Unity Software (which just had a bad quarter, btw), then confirmed by Bentley

January 22, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes I don’t have a smartphone, but I used to have Palm m100 (original), and Palm Tungsten E. I did not use it for power point, calendar or anything serious, the main functionality I used is its real player. It got 128 M SD card, so I can store about 30 songs on it. Today’s smart

June 27, 2008

Reading Time: 2 minutes When I was taking my first C++ class at graduate school, the professor has a favorite word “you guys should write a program that works, because if it does not work, you are writing a novel not a program”. Although I did wrote “novels” in one of his program assignments, I remembered his words since

November 6, 2006
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