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Speculating on Longtop Financial

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Last night (Oct 24 10 PM, Shanghai time) I bought some Longtop (NYSE:LFT) shares at its IPO debut. I think this is more like “gold rush”, not something a rational investor would usually do. After I bought it at opening ($27), the stock gapped down as low as $23.25 (see the pattern here?). But it reversed its trend in late afternoon and closed at $32.40, which is up 85% from the offering price of $17.50. Its Q2 2007 earning is $0.12, and year 2006 earning is $0.22.

Keep in mind for a growth company like LFT, PE ratio is not as good indicator as revenue growth. Here is what I saw from its prospectus (recent developments):

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My investing journey III: 2004 to 2005

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After I got some moderate success on OPSW and GE in early 2004. I got a bit excited.

If I could use one word to summerize what I did my acitivies on stocks in those two years, it’s speculation. I did all kinds of speculations, luckily I did not get into really dangerous zone: margin, short and options. So my loss is still limited (a few thousand dollars each year). I did the following speculations:

1) Bet on earning: from PALM, Redhat (RHT), NetEase (NTES) to more speculative plays such as Look Smart (LOOK), the9 (NCTY), I never made a dime on betting ERs. The common scenario is I bought them right before the earning. The stock price already reflected best case scenario. Even if the company came out with a blow out (good) earning, there wouldn’t be much upside. But in reality 100% of time they did not beat the estimate by wide margin. So…I had to sell the stocks after earning to limit my loss.

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