Disappointing moment

Reading Time: < 1 minute Obviously when Chinese track star Liu Xiang quit the race due to heel injury, we are all disappointed. Not only the fact he could not get a “face saving” gold medal, and he is China’s only hope on track and field (at least from men side); but also the fact we did not know how… Continue reading Disappointing moment

Spreadtrum account receivable problem

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Spreadtrum A/R and inventory from 4Q 06 to 2Q 08, click to enlarge) As shown in the picture above, their A/R (account receivable) jumped from $1.4 m on Mar 31 to 17.4 m June 30; inventory did not reduced much. This is also evident from its reduced cash postion. Read more details from its earning… Continue reading Spreadtrum account receivable problem

Pain in SpreadTrum

Reading Time: < 1 minute Obviously I pulled trigger too earlier on this one, SpreadTrum Communications (Nasdaq: SPRD). Here is a Speadsheet which has the revenue numbers for recent quarters. I think one reason for the continued pressure is the slow cell phone market, as indicated by the shipments slowdown of MediaTek, a bigger rival of Spread. My current plan:… Continue reading Pain in SpreadTrum

Speculating on Spreadtrum Communications SPRD

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let me put up the negatives (risk, downside) first. If it still stands after all the beatings, it may work out eventually. We all know semi-conductor is a tough business, and as you may know making cell phone is a cutting throat competitive business in China. Negatives SpreadTrum (Nasdaq:SPRD) supplies chips to domestic cell phone… Continue reading Speculating on Spreadtrum Communications SPRD