Sub-prime credit crisis unfold

Reading Time: 2 minutes (source: Last Monday was one year anniversary of sub-prime (and subsequent credit crisis), here is an interesting time line I found at BBC. Quote: 8 March (2007) Biggest US house builder DR Horton warns of huge losses from sub-prime fall-out. 12 March (2007) Shares in New Century Financial, one of the biggest sub-prime lenders… Continue reading Sub-prime credit crisis unfold

Greed: from Enron to Sub-prime fiasco

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update) I started this article a few months ago. Just as I complete it today, I heard the Elliot Spitzer’s scandal (possibly criminal prosecution) regarding his involvement in prostitution ring. How ironic. I hope people don’t discount Elliot’s relentless effort to clean up the Street, no matter what comes out of his case. (Original) When… Continue reading Greed: from Enron to Sub-prime fiasco