Subprime 101 in Chinese

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is a link to Caijing mag, about the US subprime loans, or Mei Guo Ci Ji Zai. All articles are in Chinese. I found this article particularly interesting. And the following excerpt very entertaining (I can imagine Cramer’s body language when he shouted). 而更有人直言,本届联储主席伯南克很可能低估了信贷危机的严重程度。惯于以近乎撕心裂肺的腔调在CNBC电视台评论股市的著名财经主持人吉姆·克雷默(Jim Cramer),在8月10日本周股市收盘后,就大喊伯南克对信贷市场“毫无了解”。