Prepaid cell phone getting popular in the US?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Did a google news search on this. From my own experience, prepaid phone card is very popular in China. I have used those from time to time when I visit China. I believe most of China Mobile (NYSE: CHL) subscribers are prepaid customers, which is opposite to the AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers in the… Continue reading Prepaid cell phone getting popular in the US?

Wifi hot spots and plan

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mobile broadband (3G) is getting popular these days, but for most people (esp. consumers) that’s still a bit too expensive. At this time I think the good old Wifi is more suitable for me and many working from home (Starbucks, Panera Bread, Borders, Barnes Noble, or McDonald) type. I used to use Free Wifi at… Continue reading Wifi hot spots and plan

Returning TARP

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s payback time. Now that “green shoots” are everywhere, many banks, big or small, want to return the TARP money. It seems to me this government effort rescuing the financial system is pretty much like miracle, only 6 months ago, I remember it was like the sky was falling. Now everyone is healthy, at least… Continue reading Returning TARP

T-mobile Nokia 1661 phone

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update) The phone sold by T-mobile USA appears only works in the US. See the spec at Nokia USA web site here. Quote the spec “Operating frequency Dual-band GSM 850/1900 MHz”. (Original) Saw the deal from dealsea. Here is the link to T-mobile. Nokia European site has more details spec for the phone. It looks… Continue reading T-mobile Nokia 1661 phone