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THQ Inc. my speculative game play

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Disclosure: I am not a gamer, my favorite computer game was played on Windows 3.1 in 1994/5. Don’t know the English name, we called it Pirates Ship, basically three guys (one has a shield, one has a knife, and another one can jump) have to work together to overcome the adversaries and achieve the final goal (get out of the prison something). With baby on the way, and the popularity of online games, I envision I may play online games with my kid some day (if you can not beat them, join them 🙂

Disclosure 2: previously I traded Chinese game stocks in 2006, I lost money in all cases (Shanda SNDA, the9 NCTY, Netease NETS). Currently I have some THQI shares. Keep that in mind when reading the following.

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