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Portfolio management lessons: don’t sell all at once

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Was talking to this to a close friend yesterday. My rationale of “not selling all at once” is because: it’s usually happens a stock (or something else) will go up in price after a person sells it. Very simple.

Appearently that’s what happened to some Tongkang Zijin shareholders in recent years (FT article “Woes after a windfall“). The story is a bit long, so let me summerize. Apprearently in June 2001 the residents in Tongkang villiage (in Fujian Province) received around Rmb1,338.85 ($196, £117, €138) Zijin stock for the compensation of their land use right. At the time Zijin was not in good financial shape and its stock was not listed. Eight years later, after the public listing at Hongkong and Shanghai (and fundamental change of the business), the stock is worth Rmb 800,000. Obviously not everyone kept the stock. Quote FT:

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