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Why American should stop bickering trade: I

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Ten years ago I did a bit research on the imbalance of China US trade, for a speech to be given in Public Speech class. The imbalance (US deficit, China surplus) grew significantly in last 10 years, with the American manufacturing jobs moving to China, this is again a hot topic in the election season. Politics aside, we ask the following question again.

Who is benifiting from the China US trade?
I noticed this post from my friend Wang Jianshuo’s blog. I haven’t read the book, but I have heard lots of media coverage on the US on this China trade (mostly negative comments), such as this one (book review, quoted from above) “(this is) essential reading for anyone concerned about how dangerous pet food and clothing manufactured in China make it into American stores…”

Essential? Really? I think for the first part, the author should go to China, visit some plants there, talk to Chinese people, before jump into such one-sided and biased conclusion. Being a Chinese professional who have studied, worked and still live in the US since 1997, I have seen many stuffs made in China, and I believe I have some authority on this matter.

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