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Reading Time: 2 minutes Zhu Ping (朱平) is the chief investment officer (投资总监) of Guang Fa fund(广发基金), I have a lot of respect for him not because he went to the same graduate school I went (Shanghai Univ. of Finance and Economics); but rather he is an independent thinker, has a good track record managing the funds, has a

March 25, 2008

Reading Time: < 1 minute for Chinese stock market? It looks more and more like it, after two brutal weeks for many small investors/speculators in China. Here is an old article from ChinaTimes.cc (via JinRongJie). The title is 泡沫不死 挤压不止. From my observation, it is very rare that a prime minister would comment the stock market directly. But again this

November 24, 2007