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Reading Time: < 1 minute Week in review 12-09 to 12-15 1) China central bank, along with China Banking Regulatory Commission, defined “what is second home” for the lending purpose: it will be measured against a family (husband and wife), not individual. See this NetEase news. 12月11日,央行、银监会联合发布《关于加强商业性房地产信贷管理的补充通知》明确规定,以借款人家庭为单位认定房贷次数。另外,如果首套住房人均面积低于当地平均水平,再贷款购房还是按照首套标准执行。业内人士解释,以家庭为单位来界定,就相当于夫妻双方无论任何一方有向银行申请房贷的记录,另外一方再贷款买房,都要按照房贷新政执行,即提高首付比例的同时,贷款利率按照现行贷款基准利率的1.1倍来计算。 For more info, check out Baidu. A smart move to contain the housing

December 16, 2007