The effect of new media

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yesterday was a special day in modern China’s history. This is a time the leaders don’t want to talk about, and generation Y (young people born after 1980s) don’t know much about. I was a high school senior at the time, and we worried we would get into a sort of cultural revolution considering chaotic… Continue reading The effect of new media

What Wangshi and KFC dont know

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all know the terrible earthquake happened in China, and the Chinese goverment and people are doing the best helping the survivors. There are many many heart touching stories since May 12 when the quake hit. NPR Melissa Block and Robert Siegal (read their Chengdu diary) did a good job from a foreign journalist perspective.… Continue reading What Wangshi and KFC dont know

Wang Shi spoke about housing price

Reading Time: < 1 minute Q&A about housing price in China, by Vanke (000002.SZ) Chairman Wang Shi. He wrote those Q&A in his own blog. I put it together here because it’s a bit hard to read 7 articles separately. I left out couple tables because it’s hard to paste. I’m interested in the Chinese housing for two reasons: 1)… Continue reading Wang Shi spoke about housing price

Sohu and Chinese Internet Companies

Reading Time: < 1 minute The other day I saw Charles Zhang Chaoyang on the “Boss town”, No. 1 Caijing’s (China-CBN) talk show between CEO and guest commentators. This reminded me that Chinese Internet companies are coming of age. Two interesting stories Charles told on the show: 1) Two MIT professors are the earliest investors for Sohu, they put in… Continue reading Sohu and Chinese Internet Companies

Wang Shi and Vanke

Reading Time: 2 minutes Among Chinese CEOs, I think Wang Shi is real good. I read his book “Road and Dream” lately. Very impressive. Consider what he and his team has done in last 20 years: from nowhere to No. 1 residential real estate developer in China; more importantly, they create a “Vanke” community, the kind of community Chinese… Continue reading Wang Shi and Vanke