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A wipe out story from mitbbs

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Original link here. Some discussions at trader1688. I don’t know even if Warren can come back from this one. Just like in soccer, when you are 0:10 and have 10 minutes left, basically even Maradona (wiki: Diego Maradona) can not help. That’s why we don’t want to “all in” (in this case, use margin) when we speculate. As Buffett and Munger did in the past, always keep some cash at hand.

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标 题: 紧急求救:FNM损失已经12万了,我该怎么办?谢谢您了!!!!!
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I understand investment is a personal choice and I deserve whatever I have.

However, during this critical moment,
your any comments are sincerely appreciated.

Thank you so much!!!

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