Yucheng Tech’s POS revenue

Reading Time: < 1 minute I am always interested in recurring revenue business, debit/credit card transaction fee is one. Yucheng Tech (YTEC), the smaller rival of Longtop (LFT), is entering POS business this year. According to my friend Nawar Alsaadi’s analysis (quoted below): “POS Revenue projections The company mentioned in an investor presentation in February 2007 that the average business… Continue reading Yucheng Tech’s POS revenue

Two more questions for Longtop

Reading Time: 2 minutes 1) Why it quit the outsourcing biz? We know outsourcing is a typically low margin business. Interested readers can look at the VanceInfo (formerly WorkSoft), the first Chinese IT outsourcing company listed in Nasdaq. It did IPO recently. Longtop should not get into the oursourcing business to begin with. I suspect the VCs suggested the… Continue reading Two more questions for Longtop