Going home

Reading Time: < 1 minute From mitbbs: ======================= 大清早 5点10分起床打车去车站买票 问:有k369学生票么?坐票? 答:没有 问:卧铺呢? 答:没有 问:那站票 呢? 答:站票有。不过不能买学生票 问:为什么不能买学生票 答:铁道部有规定:今年决不让一个学生站着回家。 ================================ Fun aside, I remembered at one time I stood in the train for 28 hours from Wuhan to Ningbo during winter break in early 1990s. It seems to me transportation still faces “bottle neck” problem during the Chinese New Year.

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Culture shock

Reading Time: < 1 minute A good friend of mine recently went back to China permanently after spending more than 4 years in the States. He told me some interesting (good or bad) experience in a bank. First, he was very impressed by the touch screen in the bank, which is good. As a side note, last summer when I… Continue reading Culture shock

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A white Christmas

Reading Time: < 1 minute I got up this morning at 9 AM and was surprised to found out we had snow last night. Other than that, not too much excitement here in St. Louis. There are a few places open, notably Star Bucks and WalGreen (drug store). I can not go to my favorite Borders or St. Louis (Panera)… Continue reading A white Christmas

Got my car back

Reading Time: < 1 minute Got my car back this morning. This time they called me at 8:20 AM and told me it’s ready. The noise problem was caused by an idle pulley used for A/C. Ironically when I was in Rolla I did research on the V-ribbed accessory belt drive. That pulley is a part of the accessory drive.… Continue reading Got my car back

Chatea in China

Reading Time: 2 minutes I saw this from “Sage Brennan’s this week in China” at MarketWatch. I have been to Chatea (Yi Cha Yi Zuo 一茶一坐) at Huangzhou in 2004 and was very impressed by the settings and the service. Also walked outside a store in Xu Jia Hui (Shanghai) during dinner time and the waiting line was just… Continue reading Chatea in China