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Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update 09-01-2023) I looked around and it seems another app was not not working (it seems the app is called My Ride 360, I never used it btw). It seems “Here Comes the Bus” is more widely used and thinking maybe worth to explore more with them (Android app, iOS app). (This was written last

September 21, 2022

Reading Time: 4 minutes (Update 11-16-2023) I created a MFS FAQ blog post today: I used some of the content below, plus some of the common questions being asked in last year or so. In the future, I will try to maintain/update that one. (Update 11-02-2023) A few parents asked about the “1st test” PDF file. It’s the first

September 5, 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes Some disclaimer: not district official doc. I believe each kid is unique, special and gifted in her / his own way. And for many parents / guardians they do sincerely believe their kids are the smartest. Years ago I think when my older daughter was probably 3 or 4 years old, at the preschool a

July 24, 2022

Reading Time: 8 minutes (Update 07-01-2023) Came across this one at Webster U. But I could not find it at their website. It seems Webster U has quite a few camps for middle school and above age kids. (Update May 2023) Added the sleep away outdoor summer camps. Scroll down or search for “sleep away” on this blog post.

February 11, 2022
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