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Reading Time: 2 minutes There is a little piece of news in the software industry caught my attention this week. Red Hat, one of the biggest open source solution provider decided to buy JBoss, a not so well known open source middleware (application server) softare developer, for USD 350 million. I read an article on Business week about JBoss’s

April 12, 2006

Reading Time: < 1 minute I attended C++ training course at my work place last week. This is good for me because I did not feel well last week ( I got cold and headache): I can stay away from real coding during all these madness. Seriously, I did not find the C++ course to be any easier than the

March 26, 2006

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been a nice guy most of time, in my work and outside of work. But I have done something pretty bad this week. I am talking about programming. I made two mistakes. First I checked in code to the source control system and forgot to put in some compile flags. Without these flags

March 4, 2006

Reading Time: < 1 minute I received a letter from Missouri Department of Revenue yesterday. And it says my tax return for the year 2004 was invalid. That made me nervous. I scambled to look at my 2004 return which is done by Turbo Tax software, and other supporting documents. I found out an obvious problem eventually. I should have

February 22, 2006

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was pretty frustrated on my programming these two days. I know I am not the smartest guy among software engineers in my company, or for that matter, not the smartest guy in my school years either. I still remember when I was in elementary school my teacher once told my parents that I have

February 15, 2006

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s very rare in software development a developer can work out things all by him/herself. At least not for me. During my work I have encountered all kinds of problems, puzzled and exhausted by them from time to time. But with the right approach, asking the right question to right people, and lots of luck,

January 21, 2006

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was pretty busy lately. Getting ready for the upcoming China trip, and tried to get some work done before I leave. I even put in some hours after the dinner these days — I have not worked that hard for a while. My effort seems paid off today. My new functionality worked. I was

January 19, 2006

Reading Time: 2 minutes Couple days ago I went to see a Dentist/Hygienist for routine checkup. Visiting dentist is not my favorite task because my teeth are not that great and my hygienist made me feel very unconfortable last year, both physically and emotionally. So I chose a different dental office this year. To my surprise, this new hygienist

January 13, 2006

Reading Time: 3 minutes 今天来谈谈我的第一个Project Leader(PL),PL是一个技术领导的位置,通常他们自己也写程序,但最重要的是他们要分析用户需求,搭建软件框架,指导年轻的Developer,and make technical decesions。 我第一次见到我的PL是在面试的时候,当时感觉这人很忠厚。我记得上班第一天也是他到Reception Desk接的我。刚开始工作那段,我的技术比较差,又赶上老板关注的项目,每星期一的例会免不了被老板数落,我在上一篇已经讲了。PL这时候就帮我开脱一下,说我还是新人,有个学习过程。我们Team也就他没被老板说过, 其他人多多少少都被老板数落过。其实我的第一个老板人不错,就是脾气不好,最后他自己被裁员也是这个原因。 言归正传。PL有这个地位,主要是他的技术水平和领导能力。他是我们那里当时很难拿到的Senior Software Engineer。与一些小公司不一样,我们评Senior,要在整个开发部门评,要得到其他Development Group的认可, 而且名额有限。PL是我在公司见过的最好的老师。他有耐心,而且他能把东西讲清楚。这是我们几个年轻人喜欢去找他问问题的原因。问其他人有时也能解决问题,但是他能教你为什么。几个年纪大的也喜欢找他讨论问题,因为PL is a good listener,他能帮你分析问题。这样一来,他的CUBE旁边有时会有两三个人在那里等。我们开玩笑说以后要排队拿号问问题。有一段时间,我们老板告诉我们尽量不要去打搅PL,因为他要赶一个项目。我记得那一段时间,他经常晚上九点多才下班。对于一个有家庭,二十年工龄的人来讲,不简单。他的那个项目结果非常成功。 对于我来说,我十分感激PL能成为我的Mentor。从C语言到写技术文件,到如何与客户交流。印象最深的是他Review我的Functional/Design Specification,总是非常认真,并提供很多有用建议。最后还不忘纪鼓励几句。 PL没什么野心,他就是喜欢他的开发工作,也不想做Manager。他有一次告诉我,他以前做了一回Manager,觉得不如编程有意思,就又回来做他的老本行。我想我该学学他的踏实肯干。 PL是非常家庭型的男人。他有两个宝贝女儿,他的CUBE里面他女儿的照片从小到大,贴了两排。他是棒球迷,SAINT LOUIS CARDINAL FAN。 他的工作二十周年纪念,他请大家去看了一场CARDINAL的比赛。 ======below is translation via google translate====== Today, let’s talk about my first Project Leader (PL). PL is a technical leadership position. Usually they write programs themselves, but the most important

January 9, 2006

Reading Time: < 1 minute 一晃我在一个中等规模的软件公司做了五年多了.这是一家有四十年历史的软件公司(想想微软也就三十年的历史,1976-2006).我周围很多同事都有二三十年的工龄.我算是工龄最短的员工之一了.编程序是件很枯燥的事情.一开始我也很不理解为什么他们能在一个公司呆那么久.刚开始工作第一次Staff Meeting一看,怎么年纪大多比我大.看来不象DOTCOM公司,靠股票发财是没戏了.现在几年做下来,感觉其实我的那些美国同事大多蛮可爱的. 我的第一个正式Project是我老板当时的特别关心的Project.我和一个美国老头,一个俄罗斯大嫂合作.我们另有两个Project Leader. 他们的任务主要是Technical Leadership.美国老头是数学博士.他负责核心摸块的开发.我的任务是写一个API(Application Programming Interface), 简单地说, 别人要用核心摸块, 得通过我的API. 我还负责写一个用户界面(User Interface). 俄罗斯大嫂的任务是写一个独立的Application来调用我的API. 她也是新手, 比我早几个月进公司. 我们的进度令我们的老板很不满意. 基本上每星期一的Staff Meeting他一上来就问我们的进展. 除了项目难度, 两个新手, Our poor communications(inside team and with boss) 也是原因之一. 一般来讲, 一个Team都有一个磨合阶段. 我们的磨合要长一些因为我们的Communication skills are not great. 记得有一次我们老板在Meeting上说我们写的程序是垃圾Junk Code. 那次把老头搞急了, 他说你不能把”My code and Major’s code”说成是Junk Code. 自那以后, 我认真起来, 和老头距离也近了很多. 我们最后的Delivery令老板满意. 老头的数学很厉害. 最近他还帮我解决了一个困扰了很久的一个问题. 但是他也有他的弱点. 他对Windows操作系统和DLL机制不熟悉. 这就是我可以显身手的时候了. 这样一来一往,

January 8, 2006
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