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Subcribed Captial Week through Zinio

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Zinio is an electronic magazine reader. It offers a wide array of Chinese magazines such as Capital Week, the best Chinese financial magazine in my mind. I subscribed it last weekend, and paid RMB 274 through China NetBank. The Zinio reader (and Capital Week) is OK except its text is not dark enough when zoomed out.

Personally I like paper back version of things better, hopefully as the Chinese stock market grows, maybe one day we can get it here just like one can get WSJ around the world.


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Saturday routine

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The Saturday morning at my STL home is much quite than the apartment I stayed in Shanghai. No more “冰箱, 彩电, 空调” noise from the old applicance collectors. No more street noise from cars, buses, and people. But I also miss some of the good things in Shanghai. The newspapers, the babi bum 巴比馒头, and 长沙米粉.

1) Babi bum 巴比馒头: they are inexpensive, only 1.00 Yuan for a bum, and 1.20 Yuan for the Soybean milk. The waiting lines could be long, but the waiting time is still acceptable, 10 minutes maximum. I like the 肉包子there.

2) Newapapers. Because I like business, finance and stocks, I read the following newspapers published on Saturday.


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