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The Saturday morning at my STL home is much quite than the apartment I stayed in Shanghai. No more “冰箱, 彩电, 空调” noise from the old applicance collectors. No more street noise from cars, buses, and people. But I also miss some of the good things in Shanghai. The newspapers, the babi bum 巴比馒头, and 长沙米粉.

1) Babi bum 巴比馒头: they are inexpensive, only 1.00 Yuan for a bum, and 1.20 Yuan for the Soybean milk. The waiting lines could be long, but the waiting time is still acceptable, 10 minutes maximum. I like the 肉包子there.

2) Newapapers. Because I like business, finance and stocks, I read the following newspapers published on Saturday.


二十一世纪经济报道, 21st century business herald(web site): I found this newspaper and fell in love with it since this March. I think this is the best business paper in China. Consider this is Wall Street Journal in China. It covers economy, politics, finance, banks, industry (auto, real estate), stocks and even books, travel (leisure stuff). I also owns the next newspaper 理财周报(Money Weekly). 21cbh is HQed in Guangshou, and has offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

理财周报 Money Weekly: consider this as Barron of China. It’s just got started in this July. When I first saw it on newstand, I was not bought into its eye-catching design. But asI read it more, I am more a believer. Its topic ranges from market, mutual funds, banks and insurance (personal finance), technology and leisure. It seems 21cbh people like travel and leisure.

证券市场周刊 Capital Week (web site, need subscription to read): this is a weekly magzine. It’s 15 years old, in other words, it grew as the Chinese capital market grew. This is based in Beijing and the publisher include some of the Haigui in early 90s. It’s more formal than Money Weekly; but it got some good analysis. The intended audience is analytical-minded investors.

I was thinking about get an electronic copy of Capital Week, but I think I really like to hold the paper copy 🙂

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