Xiao Ke and Kiki

Reading Time: 2 minutes Xiao Ke is a German guy. His wife Kiki is my wife’s elder sister. They came back home to see the family, friends, and do some sight seeing. I think Xiao Ke is the first German guy I ever talked to. He has very good understanding of Chinese and Germany culture/philosophies. I’m curious to learn… Continue reading Xiao Ke and Kiki

Shanghai snapshot II

Reading Time: < 1 minute Student studying at KFC, I also see students studying at McDonald. Note in China both KFC and McDonald are fashionable gathering places for middle/high school and college students. My first Chinese KFC meal in many years, I got headache after eating that 🙁

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Starbucks Stock and China Plan

Reading Time: 2 minutes I mean the stocks (SBUX), not the latte. I believe the “so-so” same store sales number for the Q1 is the main reason for the recent drop. The stock is still not cheap by looking at PE (37), with projected rev/earning growth at about 20%. But this is Starbucks, normally they don’t go on sale. Near term, I believe SBUX… Continue reading Starbucks Stock and China Plan

Wedding Related Business

Reading Time: < 1 minute I read a paper lately and found people in big cities like Shanghai spend a fortune in wedding (about same amount as people in developed countries). Here are some examples: limos and wedding dresses. I took these pictures last month.  

Consumer New Trend

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update Apr 26 morning) Shortly after this report, Wan Jia Wan Hao (Xin Yu Star) stock (600576) gained 5%, the maximum percentage it can go as this is a “ST” stock. What can I say about this crazy market?  Dong Fang Securities, a Chinese brokerage firm, did a report about the new trend of Chinese consumers.… Continue reading Consumer New Trend

Addict to Plastic

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’m not talking about the credit card use (I’ve talked a bit in my previous posts).  It appears to me Chinese are using more and more plastic bags for packaging: from the morning “Bao Zi” to “Ma La Tang” (Chong Qing hot pot) on the street.

Harrah’s in Shanghai?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Harrah’s is a large gaming (a better word for gambling) company in the US. It has presence in St. Louis and many US cities. Note gambling is still illegal in China. For ordinary Chinese citizens, since they can not fly to the famous southern town starts with “M”, they go for the cheaper options. The lottery… Continue reading Harrah’s in Shanghai?

GMail in China

Reading Time: < 1 minute I wrote about GMail a while ago. In that post I complained GMail is not reliable in China. One reason I can think of is that Google has not moved its servers to China. It has no plan to do so in the near future according to CnAnalyst. In this Chinese post Keso says the… Continue reading GMail in China