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Reading Time: 2 minutes Friday evening I was checking out the air fare for the planned China trip later this year. And I found aa.com price irresistible: $1000 from STL to PVG. So I jumped on it. With sky high gas price (and jet fuel), this price seems cheap to me. I remember last year I paid close to

July 13, 2008

Reading Time: < 1 minute Finally St. Louis gas price is exceeding $3 a gallon. Today marks the first day my gas bill exceeded $40 ($3.179 * 13.105 gallons = $41.66). I am not complaining, as I know people around the world are paying a much higher price for gas, or paying a higher percentage of their disposal income for

March 28, 2008

Reading Time: < 1 minute So $3 gas is back. Last time it was Katrina, this time I heard it was because some of the refineries were taken offline for maintainence. For us average consumers, since we can not trade in current (regular) car for hybrid, nor can we buy cheaper gas and store it somewhere. We have to fill up

May 22, 2007
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