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Reading Time: 2 minutes I got all the fun of driving in Boston traffic during rush hour. It took me more than an hour driving from Waltham to Boston Logan, and my Garmin 755T GPS helped this time. One thing I noticed in Boston is driving is a lot more hectic than in the River city. People won’t yield… Continue reading Back to STL

Turning point or new beginning: valuation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Zhu Ping (朱平) is the chief investment officer (投资总监) of Guang Fa fund(广发基金), I have a lot of respect for him not because he went to the same graduate school I went (Shanghai Univ. of Finance and Economics); but rather he is an independent thinker, has a good track record managing the funds, has a… Continue reading Turning point or new beginning: valuation

Shanghai Composites and second offerings

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Shanghai Composites Index closed above 5000 the first time on August 23, Thursday. The interesting thing is, this time Chinese goverment is not as nervous as last time around (May 30), because this run up is largely drived by so-called blue chips: especially large banks where the goverment is the majority owner (ICBC, BOC,…).… Continue reading Shanghai Composites and second offerings

Hot market and smart money

Reading Time: < 1 minute The China stock market is breaking new high again, after the May 30 “man made” crash, and amid the “housing and financial crash” in the US. Yesterday I heard from a family member, who was fairly cautious about the stock market, now thinking about put the money back to the market. This is confirmed by… Continue reading Hot market and smart money