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I got all the fun of driving in Boston traffic during rush hour. It took me more than an hour driving from Waltham to Boston Logan, and my Garmin 755T GPS helped this time.

One thing I noticed in Boston is driving is a lot more hectic than in the River city. People won’t yield to let me slip in, they will honk at me when I drive too slow, those kind of thing. Also, keep in mind Boston is a very old city, the roads are usually narrow, and they are not aligned very well, there are a lot cross intersections in 30/150 degree rather than 90/90 degree. It’s a little confusing to me. The good thing is I survived. Until at Hertz returning the rental car, the Hertz car locked the car before I took out my bag from trunk. So I had the opportunity to see unlocking a car using the tools.

Reading Psychology book

(“Influence” Chinese version cover)

On the airplane back to STL, I was reading the book “Influence: Science and Practice”, chapter 2, reciprocation. Very interesting topic. It reminds me all the address label letters asking for a small donation. Feel not that guilty (for not sending donations) after reading the chapter 🙂

Seriously, I think this reciprocation thing plays a very important role in business, in addition to our daily lives.

Stock Market
Well, the Chinese market crashed, Shanghai Composites went from 3,400 to 2,900. A lot angry investors (speculators to be exact) back in Middle Kingdom. The US market appears decoupled and regained leadership this time, after the Oracle of Omaha and Uncle Ben both said “we are on the road to recovery”.

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